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Al Rizq Al Halal Trading ranks as the leading name globally to become a quality Measuring Instrument Supplier in Dubai, UAE. We have established our credibility in the market by our state of art products and our customers’ facilities. Our wide range of products from top brands in the measuring instrument industry gives you access to a handful of professional choices. The expertise helps us offer high-quality measuring equipment and tools that ensure all your work will be performed efficiently.

With Al Rizq Al Halal trading, you can expect timely delivery, accuracy, quality, reliability, and authenticity at its best. We aim to break old rules and follow new grounds for our customers by delivering innovative measuring technology that is fast & reliable. We provide you with the ideal instruments for every need you have, or provide you with a complete solution right away! 

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Mitutoyo is the leading manufacturer of precision measuring equipment, offers a versatile range of products starting from callipers, gauges to the micrometre, hardness testers, and more. We are the renowned Mitutoyo distributors, offering quality Mitutoyo measuring tools, instruments in Dubai UAE that rank best. From feeler gauge, measuring tape to protractors, plastic gauge, and more, you name it, we deliver it to you. In recent times, we have worked strongly on meeting our clients’ diversified needs by providing them trending measuring technologies. The measuring tools and instruments we supply will actively provide solutions to customers and enhance their productivity too. 

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Insize is a global brand dealing with measuring instruments best in quality and focused on providing added advantages to customers through wide offerings. Al Rizq Al Halal trading being the Insize dealer in Dubai UAE, proves to deliver high-performance precision measuring devices that meet international standards and certification. Our range of products includes calliper, feeler gauge, steel rule, thickness gauge, magnetic stand, and more. We set up a vast network and deal with Insize products that serve and support the customer at its best. With a dedication to quality, innovation, and value, that creates worldwide demand. 


Plastigauge offers high-quality engineering tools, continually engaging and putting efforts to please the customer with versatility and quality. Plastigauge is a precision clearance gauge highly useful for measuring clearance and used in various applications. We, a Plastigauge dealer in Dubai UAE, offer highly effective tools to measure the clearance. Our products can help measure separation in molding tools or wherever needed between hidden surfaces, and the quality remains prominent. We have been a proven option for customers as we deal with the broadest range of Plastigauge. We give special attention to quality, and therefore quality check parameters have been inculcated in our practice.

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Clevite Heavy Duty Engine Bearings have been tested and proven to deliver the highest industry standard product. Clevite has become a very respectful and trusted name as a heavy-duty engine parts provider for over 50 years. At Al Rizq Al Halal trading, we feel proud to deliver excellent quality and a wide range of products that include rod and cam bearing resistant to corrosion and quality-driven. We focus on continually growing the portfolio of Clevite engine bearing and meeting our customer’s needs that prefer original equipment. Being the top Clevite products dealers in Dubai, UAE, you can trust us for the affordability we offer. 

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Our unique presence in various markets allowed us to supply goods at the best pricing for the customer and deliver to right away at the doorstep with convenience. Explore the comprehensive collection of measuring tools we offer that are used to measure various parameters. With our products, you can expect professional maintenance of your electrical devices and project installation effectively too. Our entire process is verified, cross-checked, and tested by professionals who keep a keen eye on eliminating errors and delivering smooth services to you. Being an exclusive supplier, we are committed to doing business ethically and precisely the way you deserve.

We are proud to serve our quality measuring tools and instruments in Dubai, Ajman, ‎Abu Dhabi, ‎‎Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, ‎and Fujairah, UAE.

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