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Al Rizq Al Halal offers VoLKEL threading solutions and tools that are a part of the largest and most comprehensive range of online products. Based on the experience and an immense passion, we have become a reliable Volkel threading solutions provider. We are highly focused on what we do the best and guarantee you a good quality product with the best price. All the items listed in the product category exceed the quality and meet industry standards too. VÖLKEL has become a leading name for quality, specialization, and suitable threading tool provider, and we are proud to be the supplier for the same.

dealers of Volkel Tap Sets

Al Rizq Al Halal Trading Co LLC is the Authorized dealers of volkel tap sets in UAE. We are the real Certified Authorized dealers of volkel in Dubai who handles the Authorized shipments for the manufacturer of a product (or in some cases is the product manufacturer). We are the leading Authorized dealers of volkel tap sets in Abu Dhabi also. We have a warehouse, distribution center, and ship products directly to the Retailer (or to the customer if they deal in drop shipping).

VOLKEL tap sets

Volkel Company Profile

VÖLKEL Threading Solutions Worldwide Competence in Thread-Cutting Tools. Based on the experience of 100 years in the production of thread cutting tools VÖLKEL has developed into a worldwide leading supplier of standard thread cutting tools, all available from stock.

Essentially, there are four factors, which give reason to our success and due to their implementation Lathe Machine Supplier in Dubai has become one of the most successful suppliers of standard solutions in thread cutting. Global sales are handled and controlled exclusively at our central store located in Remscheid. Thereby, we can guarantee the quality of the goods and – not less important – the quality of each delivery. Over 7000 different thread cutting products are available from stock – in all shapes and dimensions. Almost all international thread standards are kept in our stock. Since 1996 thread cutting tools conforming to Japanese standards are available from Remscheid, too.

Currently, we are exporting into some 70 different countries: in Europe, Asia, Australasia, Africa, North, Central, and South America. Our export quota is around 70%. The manufacture takes place on Lathe Machine Supplier in Dubai at five locations. The concept of international production under our own control has been implemented since 1991. Our subsidiaries and partner enterprises in Europe and Asia produce on VÖLKEL-owned machines in accordance with our specifications and quality standards.

Why Choose Us?

We offer our customers technical information and assistance for using the threading tools. So for you to make the most effective and best working of the cutting tool, we are there to support you round the clock. We have it all from holding tools to machine taps, round dies, and other precision thread gauges. It is making us a reliable one-stop-shop for Völkel tools. We are a qualified dealer; we verify and check product quality before it is delivered and always make the delivery on time.

We are proud to serve our quality volkel in Dubai, Ajman, ‎Abu Dhabi, ‎‎Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, ‎and Fujairah, UAE.

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volkel tap set

We are proud to offer you the volkel tap set that includes the much-needed set of threads, bolt holes, circular dies and more. Our product comes in a tough storage case that ensures quality and safety is well maintained. The threading and screw over time get rusted, but our product ensures to stay fit and fine and just in the right shape.

Threading tool

With our threading tool, you will find different taps, machine taps, cutting tools that work well with external threads. We also offer threading tools that come with appealing packaging materials, giving high-end protection.
vcoil-notch-kiy ARHTRD

V-coil notch Kit

V-coil is excellent in repairing threads, and the new addition of the V-coil notch kit offers innovative solutions to customers. With maximum flexibility and quality, you can make the most of your threading solutions. It comes with drills, tap, bit holder and inserting tool; you get a whole list of products under one kit.

V-coil inserting tool

With the V-coil inserts we offer, worn and damaged threads can quickly and simply be removed, replaced by inserts. Just a few steps to follow, and you will experience a great line finishing just the way you desire. It is a cost-effective repairing solution made up of excellent quality material.

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