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Al Rizq Al Halal is counted as the foremost lathe machine tools supplier in UAE for providing a premium range of lathe machines tools. A combination of cutting-edge technology and standard quality that aligns with the industry norms. Our customers highly appreciate our products for their impeccable features like durability, quality finishing, long service life, performance, less energy consumption, and more. Being partnered with prominent brands, our Lathe machines tools do many favors for the customer, including being simple to use, seamless functionality, and easy installation. From light-duty, extra heavy to medium-duty, and metal lathe machine tools, designed by using expert quality raw material. Our practical and timely delivery will ensure your needs are fulfilled on time. We tend to upgrade the current line of operation by adding new and useful machines, one that deliver precision, technological advancement, and endurance guaranteed. 

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Top Lathe machine tools brands


PAFANA applies modernistic, energy-efficient, tech-driven, and environment-friendly features to ensure product competitiveness is attained. The company designs and manufactures excellent lathe machines such as cutting tools, milling cutters and tool holders, boring bars, etc. Founded in 1948, the extensive years of experience have made a brand quite popular in the machine industry. PAFANA aims to design products based on experiences and newer technologies. Being a prominent lathe machine tools dealer in UAE for the brand, we feel proud. The quality, commitment, and reliability offered in our product are commendable.


SOLAR came into existence and since then started leveraging sophisticated and high technology lathe machines, milling machines. Ensuring customer gets the most sought-after quality driven and highly durable machines for challenging tasks. The best part of the SOLAR products is the routine care and proper inspection of the machines, keeping the quality and condition of the machine in check before delivery. Easy-to-operate heavy to medium-duty lathe machines have a safety feature that allows users to make the most out of them. The brand provides a perfect solution for a large capacity of cutting needs, and we are the prominent dealer of the brand.


Established in 1982, Magicut tools evolved as the leading manufacturer of a wide range of hand tools, accessories, power tools, and cutting tools. The brand offers a comprehensive range of products ensuring the highest International quality standard is delivered. With the years of experience in the field, the wealth of knowledge in building quality lathe machine tools and accessories makes them unique. Inculcating modern high technology and modern production technique, the end products exceed beyond expectation. We are partnered with the brand ensuring standard quality, timely delivery, and consistency are maintained. The company continues to strengthen, grow and evolve the product quality, upgrade the production technique, and exceed customer satisfaction.

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Garvin tools have always looked ahead to building a relationship with dedication, quality service. Since the inception in 1979, the brand has gained significant knowledge and expertise in designing great tools, well maintained. Garvin tools look for perfection and give the tools higher accuracy, longer life, proper inspection before delivering. Being a renowned dealer of the band, we are backed up by valuable support and a strong belief that our customers’ safest machines are provided. We act as a one-stop-shop by launching new developments in the product range with competitive pricing.

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We offer many options and accessories when it comes to lathe machines. We have the best quality products in the industry that help us stand out. Being partnered with leading brands, we are the proud lathe machine tools suppliers in Dubai. Al Rizq Al Halal is here to help you make an intelligent decision, ensuring top-notch quality customer satisfaction is achieved. We have lathes that suit all your vivid needs, machining requirements, and robust work for longer, more powerful, and challenging jobs. Al Rizq Al Halal has some of the best lathes in the industry, and we stand ahead in the competition with our attractive price range.

We are proud to serve our quality lathe machines tools in Dubai, Ajman, ‎Abu Dhabi, ‎‎Sharjah, Ras Al Khaimah, Umm Al Quwain, ‎Fujairah, UAE.

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