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Al Rizq Al Halal Trading Co LLC is one of the leading Mitutoyo dealers and suppliers in Dubai, UAE. We are the real Certified Mitutoyo distributors & dealers serving Abu Dhabi, Dubai Sharjah & All Over the UAE. We supplies genuine Mitutoyo Test and Measurement products such as Vernier Calipers, Double Scale Vernier Height Gauge, Vernier Depth Gauge, Digital Depth Micrometer and many more measurement instruments exported from Japan. We have a warehouse and distribution center, and we ship products directly to the Retailer (or to the customer if they deal in drop shipping). We offer a wide range of Mitutoyo products in Dubai, UAE. Mitutoyo is the world’s most trusted measuring equipment manufacturer, offering a huge range of products, from micrometers, calipers, dial gauges, and more. ARTRD is the #1 Mitutoyo Dealer & Distributor in Dubai, UAE.

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Mitutoyo Japan Company

Since its establishment in 1934, Mitutoyo has been offering measuring tools such as micrometers and calipers, and system instrument products such as coordinate measuring instruments, form measurement instruments, and optical measuring instruments dealer, to markets around the world under the motto of “Quality First”, and the company’s products have since then been in demand and used by customers everywhere.

In recent years, we have not only pursued the development of nanotechnology but also responded to the diversifying needs of industry and cooperated in the promotion of IoT and automated technologies. With the measurement technologies we have built up over many years, we actively provide solutions to improve our customer’s productivity. Mitutoyo Dealers in Dubai, UAE will continue in its role as a world-leading company devoted to the untiring pursuit of leading technologies, providing not just measuring tools but also measurement-related technologies. We are Exclusive distributor of Mitutoyo and Our Services Available in UAE : Dubai | Ajman | Abu Dhabi | Sharjah | Ras Al Khaimah | Umm Al Quwain | Fujairah .

Our Products

Top Selling Mitutoyo Products in Dubai Offered by us!!!

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Mitutoyo Vernier Calipers

The offered calipers are strictly designed to comply with the set industry standard and have been manufactured using high-grade materials. The product offers accurate scaling, easy to use, and durability to the core. We are trusted MITUTOYO dealers in Dubai.

mitutoyo-bevel-protactor arhtrd

Mitutoyo Bevel Protractor

The Mitutoyo Bevel Protractor offers a range of benefits, being high-precision angle gauge, accurate measure of the machine and other moulds is possible. Moreover, one can easily attach it to the height gauges and experience immense ruggedness guaranteed. Buy Bevel Protractor from trusted Mitutoyo Supplier in Dubai UAE

Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gauge

Mitutoyo Dial Bore Gauge

The Mitutoyo Dial bore gage is the best-selling diameter measurement tool offering excellent accuracy. Its user-friendliness, better durability is commendable and worth considering accurate finish. Its excellent functionality and corrosion-proof feature is an excellent help to the user.

Mitutoyo Thickness Gauge

Our Mitutoyo Thickness Gauge offers a range of features that delivers advanced performance. The product can easily measure the thickness from one side of the part and can be used in various materials, from engineering material to rubber, plastic, metals, and even composite.

Mitutoyo Dial Indicator

Mitutoyo Dial Indicator is a standard type and compact indicator, implemented for various models, offering appropriate reading. For faster, precise, and better control, this one fits perfectly. It also reduces the reading error to the user with its fully functional user-friendliness. Mitutoyo UAE

Mitutoyo Magnetic Stand-img

Mitutoyo Magnetic Stand

The best part about getting your hands on the Mitutoyo is that it perfectly accepts all dial indicators and test indicators. Along with its capability to deliver on and off switches to instant mounting and dismounting. It is user-friendly and designed for comparison measurement.

Mitutoyo Combination Square Set

Our Combination Square Sets Series offers three measuring heads added to the stainless steel rule, allowing versatile measuring for the various workpieces. The measuring heads have been hardened for sharper accuracy making your life simpler. The quality features in it make it distinctive.

Mitutoyo Micrometers

Mitutoyo offers a versatile and most comprehensive array of highly accurate micrometers. The high accuracy micrometer offers amazing resolution and a measuring range that delivers you great ease. In addition, you can use different measuring forces based on the type and the purpose of the work.

Surface Roughness Tester

Mitutoyo offers a portable surface roughness tester, which is lightweight, comes compact and is simple to operate. With this product, the user gets the various forms of analysis, and display function provided. This hand-held tool is easy to carry and can be used on-site.
Telescopic-Gauge-mitutoyo ARHTRD


Mitutoyo offers an exceptional telescoping gauge that features self-centring and a satin chrome finishing. The Spring-loaded plunger gets expanded within the groove, which allows the determination of internal diameter. It comes with a knurled clamp and is supplied by us in a fitted pouch.

mitutoyo-height-gauge ARHTRD

Height Gauge

Mitutoyo height gauge gets a Double-column structure that delivers high measuring accuracy. Holding the capacity to measure up to 1000mm with 3 models. The well established and comfortable rotation drive handle will be able to give you exceptional results.

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Being the leading and most prominent Mitutoyo Tools dealer in Dubai, we hold an experience commendable and versatile. Al Rizq Al Halal Trading Co LLC has handled versatile ads. Therefore, it adds to serving the best products guaranteed with immense experience.


We have a team full of skilled and highly professional staff, all experts in product knowledge and customer relation. We train our employees and keep them updated with the latest trends, so they serve you the best help possible for all your diversified needs.

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We value time and understand your needs can be immediate! For that, we act accordingly and offer a quick response when you need it. We will hear your product requirements, queries and try to fulfill all the requirements on time.

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Al Rizq Al Halal Trading Co LLC ensures faster delivery is offered to the customer. We know it can be intimidating to wait for your product, so your request will be fulfilled on time. The fast delivery option ensures customer satisfaction.


Our team is a fully professional and versatile people, all capable of delivering a top-class experience to the customer. In addition, we have only experts on board who can make the most out of your time with us.

Market Leaders

In recent years, we have built a great name that has been because of the quality service offered. As a result, we are a market leader and hold a strong position in the industry for selling a range that has leading technologies inbuilt in it.

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frequently asked questions

Mitutoyo was established by Numata, a Japanese entrepreneur, on October 22, 1934. Witnessing the US industrial market before the great depression was the primary reason that gave Numata an inspiration to own a corporation. The micrometer is the first product to launch.
A micrometer can be calibrated every 3 months to ensure accuracy! First, look at any damage in the frame. The spindle and anvil should be flat and clean along with smooth. Make the necessary repair and check for five points with traceable gauge blocks.

Al Rizq Al Halal Trading Co LLC is the leading and prominent Mitutoyo product dealers in Dubai. As a result, you can get your hands on the most comprehensive and most sought-after range of products. Thus, ensuring all your measuring and inspection-related problems are solved. We are offering Mitutory in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, Ajman, Ras Al Khaimah (RAK), Al Ain, Fujairah, Umm al-Quwain.

Mitutoyo is a prominent brand and has been in the market for a very long time. The kind of products offered exceeds expectation and quality, therefore its worth it. Mitutoyo calipers are one such product offering versatility at its best.
It is a linear measuring device, offering data on linear measurements. First, we need to measure the length and do the reading on the Vernier calipers. You can utilize metric or SI units, and for utilizing Imperial measurements, you can use inches.
It is a linear measuring device, offering data on linear measurements. First, we need to measure the length and do the reading on the Vernier calipers. You can utilize metric or SI units, and for utilizing Imperial measurements, you can use inches.
Mitutoyo caliper is a renowned one and has proved to be a reliable, repeatable, and highly perfect choice for a customer’s accuracy. It is not merely a tool but a precision instrument, providing a readout of absolute linear position.

If you want authentic, reliable, and extremely quality driven Mitutoyo digital vernier calipers. Request a quote today; You will get the product delivered on time and in a prominent manner. We have a range exclusive to meet your needs. As we are leading Mitutoyo Distributors & Dealers in Dubai.

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