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Al Rizq Al Halal Trading specializes in various carbide inserts that match the needs and expectations of the customers and their specific requirements. Our carbide inserts are irreplaceable, and one can use them in various materials like cast iron, alloys of high temperature, even machining steels, and nonferrous material. We deal with top quality and high functioning products and are a prominent carbide inserts dealer. 

We have established credibility with our state of art products that differentiate and keep us ahead of the competition. Unparalleled quality products are served at their best, ensuring to meet the current technology and offer customer satisfaction guaranteed. We carbide inserts dealers in Dubai, UAE offer products that allow faster machining, better finishing and holds the capabilities to withstand strong temperature too. Our company has got the name and fame of dealing with a range of inserts that comply with the International quality standards.

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Our cARBIDE iNSERT brands wE dEALS


MAFORD offers the most exciting, most comprehensive, and complete selection of top-rated speed steel and carbide cutting tools. Their operation has been for almost 90 years and delivers tools in a different configuration to meet customer’s vivid needs. Al Rizq Al Halal offers top-notch M.A. ford products that rank the best.

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Our Korloy Carbide Inserts offers sharp cutting-edge performance and reduces machining vibration, which can be a significant benefit. Korloy has grown from a small factory to an International corporation selling its product to more than 60 nations. We are proud carbide dealers offering quality tools and a complete Korloy catalog to you.


Al Rizq Al Halal is the leading carbide inserts supplier in Dubai, offering products from top-notch brands like WIDIA. WIDIA carbide inserts are engineered for every solution and have excelled in innovation, technology, speed, and reliability. Our product offers customer satisfaction, and you can rely on the quality being delivered to you at your doorstep.


Mitsubishi are one of the very known carbide traders of the widest, versatile, and finest quality carbide cutting tools and technology. Mitsubishi being a prominent brand offering high-speed cutting performance, can expect the same from us. Our professionalism and reliability reflect in the latest offerings that we provide to our customers.


TAEGUTEC is a renowned International company producing great milling cutting tools, metal cutting tools, and various other tools. For high-speed turning and excellent wear and heat resistance, you can rely on the quality carbide inserts offered by the brand. Al Rizq Al supplies superior products that actively provide solutions along with enhancing productivity too.


VARDEX has positioned the industry as the number one indexable system globally with insert technology that exceeds expectations. We set up a vast network and deal with top-rated inserts that serve the customer at their best. Our efforts to the dedication, innovation, and value create room for worldwide demand.



ISCAR is a full line and complete supplier of carbide metalworking tools, offering a unique range of cutting tools, carbide inserts, and end mills. With us, you can get your hands on this exclusive range of products at affordable, proving and keeping quality consistent. We make your needs fulfilled! 


We are a proud carbide inserts dealer in UAE, offering branded SECO products exceeding your expectation and meeting your SECO. Being the largest provider of the comprehensive metal cutting solution, you can get results satisfactory with a comfortable price range. Unique requirements. From us, you get the most out of it!


SANDVIK delivers a vast assortment of top-class tungsten carbide inserts and metal cutting tools that meets all kind of machining and metalworking requirements. Our products are designed to meet the high customer demand for productivity and better tool life. The life and longevity of our products are exceptionally the best to be picked!

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Our unique presence has allowed us to become a carbide inserts supplier in Dubai that excels in quality, professionalism, and affordability. Customers have been happy choosing us as their partner and getting the product delivered right on time at their doorstep. We make it possible to meet your requirements and maintain professionalism!

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